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This WOMAN changed my life!

“Working in the film industry always presents its challenges. Shirley helped me gain clarity, focus, see the bigger vision of my life, recognising the blocks that were holding me back and to release them. I was stunned to have a blockbuster hit within six months and a new home too boot – she is awesome.”

Sara, CEO, Los Angeles, US

“Your insights into my business, what I have been doing and how I could improve on it have been immensely valuable. It felt like you knew me, what I am capable of, where it was that I want to go with my business and how you could use your years of wisdom to give me the guidance to get me there. I am now able to implement those suggestions and feel confident to move my business forward.”

Victoria, Architectural Photographer, London, UK

“WOW I am so glad to have booked a session with Shirley. Inspiring, motivating, enlightening – truly the best consultancy advice I have had in the last ten years. Can’t wait until my next session.”

Samantha, Entrepreneur, Miami, US

“From the start to finish of the day I was treated as a VIP. Shirley’s depth of knowledge in the business arena and in dealing with emotional issues is absolutely superb. I am still amazed how she uncovered the blocks holding me back from believing what I can achieve. Inspiring, motivating – I am awestruck with the day we achieved and look forward to the added results.”

Anne, Ritz Carlton, Toronto, Canada

"Shirley is one of those rare individuals who has command of both cold-hard business sense and human compassion. Therefore, when she works with you in a consulting role, she employs both of these for your benefit. You won't get any sugar-coating, but you will hear what you need to hear to move forward into your passion, into your purpose. If you're ready to move forward, she is ready to support you. I recommend taking advantage of her limited availability whenever a chance arises."

Chris, Entrepreneur, UK

"Imagine going from A to Z in your life - this is what is possible in a Breakthrough Day with Shirley. She is especially gifted and intuitive, her results are astonishingly accurate and through various processes she has helped me fine-tune my business model and re-address certain life issues. I feel like a person who have been given a new lease of life and cannot wait to see what's next."

Jane, UK

"Resonance, energy, business, life - Shirley seems to know it all. It's amazing to have access to such incredible wisdom and guidance. Loved my Magic Moment."

Vicki, London, UK

"Shirley, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your kindness in helping me out last week. I was stuck and you were so very generous with your time and energy! Your insight and recommendations were both enlightening and empowering. You truly have an amazing GIFT and I am beyond thankful."

Christi, CEO, Dallas, Texas

“In less than a month Shirley helped me get focused, have more energy, work less and live more by getting my work/life balance back.”

S. Kader, Entrepreneur, London, UK

“Shirley’s session, Re-Train Your Brain and Unlock Your Potential, embodied the essence of what our approach to well-being aims to achieve. She draws from the latest research to deliver seminars that are holistic and thought-provoking. There were several light bulb moments in the room!.”

R. Bates, Barclays, London, UK

“Fascinating subject – Shirley gave some very useful and practical tips to adopt in my day-to-day life.”

J. Moody, Entrepreneur, Manchester, UK

“Lots to reflect on, great energy, really enjoyed it. Thank you.”

Alex S., Deloittes,London, UK

"Shirley is a phenomena, a warm caring person with a crystal clear perception. She has the ability to bring about dynamic changes from within your very own self."

Devon Buchanon CEO, Millbank Interiors Ltd, London, UK

"Shirley is an embodiment of SPI, she is what she preaches. love, gratitude, peace, beauty and happiness. A woman who always makes time for others and will lift them up to help them see their inner beauty and power. She truly is a phenomenal woman."

Diane Dunkley, Founder & MD of RM2Music Ltd London, UK

“Shirley is wonderful and one of the most stylish and switched on ladies I know. Her warmth and enthusiasm are contagious and make her a real pleasure to work with. Shirley has a special way of encouraging people to achieve their dreams and I look forward to continuing working with Shirley.”

Jane Houghton, Director, BVCA London, UK

“Shirley is an inspiration to women and is doing a fantastic job at encouraging entrepreneurialism amongst females.”

Victoria Sheppard, Editor, Chartwell Magazine London & Monaco

"This amazing woman has a way of honing into the issue and resolving it in minutes. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Wow best business coach ever."

Fiona, Entrepreneur, France

"Shirley is a compassionate, intuitive coach who tapped into my spirit and provided me with the tools to step into my new path without the pain or shackles of past blockages.It took me a bit to really let go and believe and not only did Shirley have the patience to understand and guide me through that, but once she did, the possibilities of my greater and fuller life were infinite.I am so focused now that I understand my soul purpose and I am so thankful for Shirley who has lasered in on it with me and gave me the positive encouragement I needed to see it, feel it and believe. I am now ready to be the powerful woman I am meant to be."

Jill, San Francisco, US

"Shirley's depth of business knowledge is second to none. She helped me get my head out of the business and focused on the vision and my skills and talents. This helped me support my team and help the business grow. Brilliant session."

Charles, Manchester, UK

“Shirley is every bit the guide in life that you could hope for in this often complicated modern world; she has the insight, knowledge and capacity to challenge and empower you to perform. Not only is Shirley motivational and inspirational, but she is innately caring in her approach to ensure the moral support is there to assist you in achieving what you desire, and as she rightly says, deserve. I cannot commend her highly enough.”

James Smith, Acquisitions Director Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Lauren Hull, Fitness Specialist, Better Body Shop, Kent

“Shirley changed my life.”

“Shirley’s presentation was uplifting, enlightening and entertaining. Our group is made up of highly accomplished managers with years of experience and they can be a tough audience but she completely captured them with her energy, conviction and the undeniable truth of her message. Simply brilliant!”

Davina, London, UK

“I have reflected on our last session and each day a little penny drops for the betterment of my future peace. I am focusing on the things I can change (ME) and not worrying about the people I can’t change and I feel good.
I am de-cluttering my mind and feel lighter and feel proud of myself. I am so grateful for your amazing work which is grounded with integrity, strength and a peaceful joy that you share with everyone! “

M. Malcolm, Entrepreneur, London, UK

"I have just had the most beautiful Soul Reading with Shirley Palmer. The most enjoyable parts for me where really being SEEN in my Essence.
It was through this detailed reading that Shirley was able to share the places of my deepest Pain and Struggle as well as my Strength and Brilliance. It is very rare that a complete "stranger" can truly hone in on all of our traits, talents and gifts. What this meant for me was confirmation that I am on the right path. I feel a deep sense of Calm
and Knowingness that has surfaced after my session. I am able to see even more clearly now, and with that comes a place of being able to take Power Action forward in shaping and manifesting the life I know I am here to live.
Shirley has a way of safely holding you through the sharing of the Soul Reading. While I could feel her love come through her work, it was the Wisdom that she shared that really touched me to my core. I have been consciously tuning-in to my Soul for the past few years now, and yet this reading was very Comprehensive in putting all the pieces of the puzzle together for me so that I could see the big picture.
A few days have gone by and I am still digesting the information and feeling the impact this has had on my life. There are no questions left for me to ask about why I am here, or what I am meant to share with the world. It is all as it is, and now that I have some "Logic" and a fuller understanding of it, I can Stay in it and move more powerfully through my own life.
Thank you Shirley for such a powerful gift that you have given to me."
Thank you for SEEing me, in my Truth and Reflecting back the power within me that I AM here to possess.

Christine, Entrepreneur, New York, US

"Shirley has a genuine passion for bringing out the best in others and a true desire to develop and expand leadership capabilities of individuals and organisations. Her work is having a tremendous impact on the mindset of those dedicated to making positive change at an international level. The future of our planet is currently held in the hands of our global leaders, Shirley is helping support the necessary shift needed to lift us out of crisis and competition, towards greater compassion, collaboration and a focus on sustainability."

Jayne Morris, CEO Jayne Morris, London, UK