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Who is Shirley Palmer

SHIRLEY PALMER will help you bridge the gap between your mind and your heart, giving you the tools to fulfil your life’s ambitions, to fully express yourself and maximise your potential to be more successful and happy in your chosen career or business.

As a mindset master, mentor, speaker and author she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and revealing her actionable secrets to success.

Shirley is a frequent speaker and presenter at global conferences, where she offers expertise on optimising your life, health, and business through mastering your mindset. Additional, she is a regular contribution to diverse media outlets, high-profile blogs, programs, and podcasts and her debut title “12 Words – Thinkit-Feelit-Doit” is available to purchase via

Shirley Palmer International spans the globe with a London and Los Angeles presence supporting individuals and businesses that are committed to maximising their potential for phenomenal success. 



"Shirley is a compassionate, intuitive coach who tapped into my spirit and provided me with the tools to step into my new path without the pain or shackles of past blockages.It took me a bit to really let go and believe and not only did Shirley have the patience to understand and guide me through that, but once she did, the possibilities of my greater and fuller life were infinite.I am so focused now that I understand my soul purpose and I am so thankful for Shirley who has lasered in on it with me and gave me the positive encouragement I needed to see it, feel it and believe. I am now ready to be the powerful woman I am meant to be."

Jill, San Francisco, US


“12 Words is a remarkable book where Shirley shares many simple tools that can guide us through our daily lives. I love how it is so creative, informative, and uplifting. I am sure it will bring about profound change for any reader. It truly is a must-read.” ~ Eamonn Holmes, Anchor of Sky News Sunrise and Presenter of ITV’s This Morning

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