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12 Words – Thinkit-Feelit-Doit (Buy 2 get 1 @ 40% off – promo CHRISTMAS )


”12 Words is a remarkable book where Shirley shares many simple tools that can guide us through our daily lives. I love how it is so creative, informative, and uplifting. I am sure it will bring about profound change for any reader. It truly is a must-read.” —Eamonn Holmes, Anchor of Sky News Sunrise and Presenter of ITV’s This Morning



Are you ready to change your life? Today is the day to take your life into your own hands, the time to make empowering decisions, the time to effect your own happiness. With 12 Words, life coach and mentor Shirley Palmer shows you how to make happy, confident, and successful life choices that are easily within your reach. Based on twelve simple yet enlightening words, Shirley’s motivational work creates an atmosphere of belief and self-confidence that will propel you to personal and professional success. Using fun yet challenging exercises, Shirley teaches you how to maximize your potential and grow into the person you are meant to become. It takes courage to undergo significant personal change. In 12 Words, Shirley Palmer provides the keys to bring out that winner inside of you. Think it. Feel it. Do it!

”Everyone at some point will feel lost or question where they are heading in life. In Shirley’s lovely book, readers will find the answers they are looking for. Full of wisdom, common sense, and with a sprinkling of ‘how to,’ the book poses questions that will enable you to find the guidance you need. At times we all need a friend with the right answers. Shirley’s book is that friend. —Anne Jirsch, Author of The Future Is Yours: Introducing Future Life Progression-The Dynamic Technique that Reveals Your Destiny

”Pick up a copy of Shirley Palmer’s book, 12 Words, and I promise that you will find some exceptional ideas that you can put to work in improving your life and happiness each and every day.” –Mary Morrissey, International speaker, founder and owner of Life Mastery Institute

“Shirley offers a creative and practical new twist to playing the game of life, achieving more and being happy. 12 Words is a wise and inspiring book.” Marci Shimoff, Author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

About the Author
SHIRLEY PALMER is a mindset master and mentor with over thirty years of business experience, eighteen years of which were in the private equity arena in London. She is a sought after speaker who regularly presents on the subjects of mindset, life, health, and business, in addition to being an expert guest on a variety of radio programs and podcasts. She is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. Dividing her time between London and Los Angeles, Shirley works with private and corporate clients worldwide helping entrepreneurs and employees realize their true potential. Shirley believes that life is as simple as her trademark phrase, ”Think It, Feel It, and Do It.”